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IEEE Transaction & IET Transaction (ISI)

StatusAuthorsTitleJournalISSNImpact FactorPagesVol.IssueCountryDateDoc
PrintedV.Khorani F.Razavi(a) V.RasouliA Mathematical Model for Urban Traffic and Traffic Optimization Using a Developed ICA TechniqueIEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems1524-90502.2581024-1036124USADec. 2011OK
PrintedS.H.Kamangar H.Askarian R.Mohammadi F.Razavi(t)Optimal Combined Overcurrent and Distance Relays Coordination Incorporating Intelligent Overcurrent Relays Characteristic SelectionIEEE Transaction on Power Delivery0885-89771.4151381-1391263USAJul. 2011OK
PrintedH.Sharifian H.Askarian S.Salman R.Mohammadi F.Razavi(t)Determination of the Minimum Break Point Set Using Expert System and Genetic AlgorithmIEEE Transaction on Power Delivery0885-89771.4151284-1295253USAJul. 2010OK

Papers for English Journals (ISI)

StatusAuthorsTitleJournalISSNImpact FactorPagesVol.IssueNo.CountryDateDoc
PrintedBehrooz Taheri, Farzad Razavi(a), Mehdi Mohammadi GhalesefidiTransient Fault Analysis in 63/20 KV SubstationIndian Journal of Science and Techonology0974-68460.68-81-IndiaJune 2017OK
PrintedSeyed Amir Hosseini, Hossein Askarian Abyaneh, Seyed Hossein Hesamedin Sadeghi, Farzad Razavi, Adel NasiriAn overview of microgrid protection methods and the factors involvedRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews1364-03218.050174-18664USAJune 2016OK
PrintedA.Hosseini, S.S.Karimi, F.Razavi(t), M.Karami, A.A.GhadimiOptimal Sizing and Siting Distributed Generation Resources Using a Multi Objective AlgorithmTJEECS1300-06320.283825-850213-TURKEYMay. 2013OK
PrintedM.A.Zahmatkesh, F.Razavi(t), A.A.Ghadimi, H.Abdollahi, M.SoleimaniDetermining Optimum Capacitor in Relation to Load Curve in Harmonic SystemsInternational Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems2050-70380.63----USAMay. 2012Pages
PrintedA.A.Ghadimi F.Razavi(a) B.MohammadianDetermining Optimum Location & Capacity for Micro Hydro Power Plants in Lorestan Province in IranRenewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Journal1364-03216.0184125-4131158-ENGLANDOct. 2011OK
PrintedR.Mohammadi H.Askarian F.Razavi(t) M.Aldabbagh S.H.H.SadeghiOptimal Relays Coordination Efficient Method in Interconnected Power SystemsJEEECV1335-36320.27875-8361-2SLOVAKIAApr. 2010OK
PrintedF.Razavi(o) H.Askarian M.Aldabbagh R.Mohammadi H.TorkamanA New Comprehensive Genetic Algorithm Method for Optimal Overcurrent Relays CoordinationElectric Power Systems Research Elsevier0378-77961.562713-720784-SWITZERLANDApr. 2008OK
PrintedH.Askarian F.Razavi(o) M.Aldabbagh H.Sadeghi H.KazemiA Comprehensive Method for Break Points Finding Based on Expert System for Protection Coordination in Power SystemsElectric Power Systems Research Elsevier0378-77961.562660-67277--SWITZERLANDApr. 2007OK
PrintedSA Hosseini, HA Abyaneh, SHH Sadeghi, F Razavi, A NasiriAn overview of microgrid protection methods and the factors involvedRenewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews1364-03216.798174-18664--ENGLANDoct 2016OK
PrintedSA Hosseini, HA Abyaneh, SHH Sadeghi, F RazaviMerging the retrieval of the protection coordination of distribution networks equipped with DGs in the process of their siting and sizingJournal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 0355026.7983550283-ENGLANDmay 2016OK
PrintedSA Hosseini, H ASKARIAN ABYANEH, SHH Sadeghi, F Razavi, M KaramiOPTIMAL SIZING AND SITING OF DG RESOURCES AT 63KV/20KV SUBSTATIONS CONSIDERING THE EFFECT OF EARTHQUAKE ON TECHNICAL AND ECONOMIC PARAMETERSIranian Journal of Science and Technology Transactions of Electrical Engineering133-15339E2-iranDes 2015OK
PrintedSA Hosseini, H Askarian Abyaneh, SHH Sadeghi, F Razavi, M KaramiPRESENTING A NEW METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING FAULT LOCATION IN MICROGRIDS, USING HARMONIC IMPEDANCEIranian Journal of Science and Technology. Transactions of Electrical Engineering16739E2-iranDes 2015OK
PrintedMostafa Jazaeri, Mehdi Farzinfar, Farzad RazaviEvaluation of the impacts of relay coordination on power system reliabilityInternational Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems123408-342125--USADes 2015OK

Papers for English Journals (ISI Listed)

StatusAuthorsTitleJournalISSNImpact FactorPagesVol.IssueCountryDateDoc
PrintedM.Anvari, F.Razavi(a), A.A.NazariElectrical and Economic Study of Applying the ACSS Conductor in TREC Subtransmission NetworkIndian Journal of Science and Techonology0974-5645, 0974-684603903-391161IndiaJan. 2013OK
PrintedM.Izadi, F.Razavi(a), M.Gandomkar, A.Najafi, M.SoleimaniPower Loss Reduction in Distribution Systems through an Intelligent Method Considering Operational CostsJBASR2090-4304, 2090-424x06744-675672EgyptJul. 2012OK
PrintedA.Hosseini, F.Razavi(t), M.Karami, A.A.Ghadimi, S.S.KarimiA New Method to Recognize the Status of SiC Surge Arresters in SubstationsIndian Journal of Science and Techonology0974-5645, 0974-684602692-270055IndiaMay. 2012OK
PrintedA.Shams-Ansari, F.Razavi(t), A.A.Ghadimi, M.AbolmasoumiImplementation of Sliding Mode Control on a Full Bridge (DC-DC) ConverterIndian Journal of Science and Techonology0974-5645, 0974-684602665-267255IndiaMay. 2012OK
Printed M.Karami S.A.Hosseini R.Karambeigi S.S.Karimi F.Razavi(a) A.Ghadimi Optimal Operating Strategy for Distributed Generation Considering Reliability Index of SAIDIJBASR2090-4304, 2090-424x01147-115122EgyptFeb. 2012OK
PrintedA.Hosseini, M.Karami, S.S.Karimi, F.Razavi(a), A.A.GhadimiFinding the Optimal Capacity and Location of Distributed Generation Resources and Analyzing the Impact of Different Coefficient FactorsJBASR2090-4304, 2090-424x02578-2589112EgyptDec. 2011OK
PrintedA.Hosseini, M.Karami, S.S.Karimi, F.Razavi(a), A.A.GhadimiOptimal Capacity, Location and Number of Distributed Generation at 20 kV SubstationsAustralian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences1991-817801051-1068510PAKISTANOct. 2011OK

Papers for English Journals (Non-ISI)

PrintedA.Hosseini, M.Karami, S.S.Karimi, F.Razavi(a), A.A.GhadimiDetermining the Optimal Capacity and Place of DGs in Distribution SystemsApplied Mechanics and Materials1660-9336, 1662-74825195-5199110-116--USAOct. 2011OK
PrintedS.S.Hashemi, H.Askarian, F.Razavi(t), R.MohammadiOptimal Combined Overcurrent and Distance Relays Coordination Using a New Genetic Algorithm MethodIJESP -17-215-1-Apr. 2010OK
PrintedH.Askarian F.Razavi(o) M.Aldabbagh H.KazemiBreak Points Determination for Interconnected Power SystemsWSEAS Transactions on circuit and systems1109-2734, 2224-266X1446-145136-BulgariaAug. 2004OK
PrintedH.Askarian F.Razavi(o) M.Aldabbagh H.Kazemi M.JannatianA New Approach for Determination of Break Points for Protection CoordinationInternational Journal of Engineering1025-2495, 1735-9244133-14216-2IranJul. 2003OK

Papers for Persian Journals

printedA.A.Ghadimi, H.Rastegar, F.Razavi(t)Optimal Active and Reactive Power Sharing between several Distributed Generation Units in a Stand-Alone MicroGrid Using Artificial Neural NetworkISICE2008-834538-495-1IranApr. 2011OK
PrintedH.Askarian H.Shariati M.H.Javidi F.Razavi(t)Planning Transmission Expansion in Relation to Security Costs in Electricity MarketsIAEEE-57-696-2IranOct. 2009OK
PrintedH.Askarian R.Mohammadi H.Torkaman F.Razavi(o) E.AfjeheiA New Method for Calculating Impedance in Distance Relay Using 3rd order InterpolationIsteghlal-1-1727-2IranJan. 2009OK
PrintedV.Rasouli H.Askarian R.Mohammadi F.Razavi(t)A New Method for Controlling UPFC Using Hysteresis Band SwitchingIAEEE-52-605-1IranJul. 2008OK
PrintedH.Askarian F.Razavi(o)Determining Break-Points in Power Systems Protection Using Expert SystemsAmirkabir Journal-467 47415-2IranJul. 2002OK

Papers for English Conferences

PrintedFarzad Razavi(a), Behrooz Taheri, Mohammad Parpaei, Mehdi Mohammadi Ghalesefidi and Siamak ZareiRealistic Testing Procedure of Power Swing Blocking Function in Distance RelayICEE 2018 20th International Conference on Electrical EngineeringCanadaMontreal25/05/2018OK
PrintedM.Dehdarinejad, H.Askarian, F.Razavi(t), S.A.HosseiniOptimization of SMC Parameters Using PSO in a Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter with Inductive LoadCanadian Workshop on Fusion Energy Science and TechnologyCanadaOshawa,-28/08/2012Title
PrintedA.Shams, F.Razavi(t), A.Ghoncheh, H.Abdollahi, A.RahimiOptimization of SMC parameters Using GA in a Full-Bridge Dc-Dc ConverterThe 2012 International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Methods (GEM'12)USALas Vegas135-14016/07/2012OK
PrintedF.Razavi(a), R.Torani, I.Askarian, A.Asgharizadeh, N.MasoomiOptimal Design of Islanded Microgrid Using Genetic AlgorithmWorld Comp 2012 USA35-4016/07/2012OK
PrintedF.Razavi(a) B.GhadiriImperialist Competitive Algorithm (ICA)-Optimized PI Speed Control in the Indirect Field-Oriented Control of an IM DriveCHUSER 2011445-44805/12/2011OK
PrintedF.Razavi(a) B.GhadiriControlling the Speed of Induction Motor Using Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (ICA) Based on FLCICCAIE 2011195-19904/12/2011OK
PrintedA.A.Ghadimi, F.Razavi(t)Proposing an Artificial Neural Network Based Controller for a Stand-Alone MicroGrid2rd Annual International Conference on Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence (AT AI 2011)SingaporeOrchard32-3724/11/2011OK
PrintedS.S.Hashemi, H.Askarian, F.Razavi(t), R.MohammadiA Flexible Approach for Optimizing Coordination in Distance and Overcurrent RelaysPSPC 2010-12/01/2010--NA--
PrintedF.Razavi(a) V.Khorani A.Ghonche H.Abdollahi I.AskarianUsing Evolutionary Imperialism Competition Algorithm to Coordinate Overcurrent RelaysWorld Comp 2011 USA15-1818/07/2011OK
PrintedF.Razavi(a) S.S.Karimi S.A.AraghiOptimal number and location of area operation centers (AOC's) in IRAN power network according to index of generation and consumption balanceThe 14th IEEE International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power (ICHQP)ItalyBergamo-26/09/2010OK
PrintedA.Ghadimi F.Razavi(t) R.GhaffarpourControl of Islanded Inverter Interfaced Distributed Generation Units for Power Quality ImprovementThe 14th IEEE International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power (ICHQP)ItalyBergamo1-626/09/2010OK
PrintedM.F.Moghadam V.R.Disfani H.Askarian F.Razavi(t)A Novel Method for Hysteresis Based Control of UPFCThe 4th International Power Engineering and Optimization Conference 2010 (PEOCO2010)MalaysiaShahalam112-11623/06/ 2010OK
PrintedV.Khorani F.Razavi(a) E.GhomcheA New Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm Based on ICA and GA- Recursive-ICA-GAWorld Comp 2010 USA-12/07/2010OK
PrintedS.Karimi S.A.Araghi F.Razavi(t) A.A.GhadimiIndexes for Determine the Number and Location of Area Operation Centers (AOC) In Power Network2010 International Conference on Electrical and Control Engineering (ICECE)ChinaIching2564-256726/06/2010OK
PrintedS.Karimi S.A.Araghi F.Razavi(t) A.A.GhadimiEvaluation of Iran Dispaching Status for Next 10 Years with Nueral NetworkICFPEE 2010, ChinaChinaShenzhen50-5326/06/2010OK
PrintedF.Razavi(t) S.Karimi S.A.Araghi A.A.GhadimiIndexes of Area Operation Centers (AOC) Optimal Allocation in Power NetworkECTI-CON 2010 Thailand799-80419/05/ 2010OK
PrintedS.Hahsemi H.Askarian R.Mohammadi F.Razavi(t)A New Genetic Algorithm Method for Optimal Coordination of Overcurrent and Earth Fault Relays in Networks with Different Levels of VoltagePower Tech 2009Romania Bucharest-28/07/2009OK
PrintedF.Razavi(t) H.Hosseinian H.Askarian A.BagheriEffects of Current Transformers Saturation on Coordination and Operation of Distance Relays, a Glance From New AnglePower Tech 2009Romania Bucharest-28/07/2009OK
PrintedV.Rasouli F.Razavi(t) B.Kashanizadeh S.DargahiTransmission Loss Allocation of Bilateral Contracts Using Load Flow Permutations Average MethodPower Tech 2009Romania Bucharest-28/07/2009OK
PrintedM.Pouyan F.Razavi(t) M.RashidinejadPerformance Of Distance Relays In Presence Of IPFCPower Tech 2009Romania Bucharest-28/07/2009OK
PrintedM.Firouzi M.Pishvaie G.B.Gharehpetian F.Razavi(t)Inter- Line Dynamic Voltage Restore and Fault Current Limiter (IDVR-FCL)11th Spanish-Portuguese Conference on Electrical Engineering (11 CHLIE)SpainZaragoza-01/06/2009OK
PrintedM.Firouzi M.Pishvaie G.B.Gharehpetian F.Razavi(t)System Studies of DC Reactor Type Fault Current Limiter in Distribution GridICREPQ 2009-15/04//2009OK
PrintedR.Mohammadi H.Askarian S.Hashemi F.Razavi(t)A New Genetic Algorithm Method for Optimal Coordination of Overcurrent and Distance Relays Considering Various Characteristics for Overcurrent RelaysPECon 2008569 - 573 01/12/2008OK
PrintedH.Askarian S.Hashemi F.Razavi(t) R.MohammadiA New Genetic Algorithm Method for Optimal Coordination of Overcurrent Relays in a Mixed Protection Scheme with Distance RelaysUPEC 2008-01/09/2008OK
PrintedH.Hosseinian H.Askarian F.Razavi(t) S.Galvani R.MohammadiCoordination of Overcurrent Relays Using Intelligent Methods A Comparative study for GA, PSO and IGAICEE 2008-01/11/2008OK
PrintedH.Askarian H.Hosseinian F.Razavi(t) H.HatamiInvestigation on Power Quality Problems of Electrical Substations Feeding CNG Stations in IranICEE 2008-01/11/2008OK
PrintedH.Shariati H.Askarian A.Javidi F.Razavi(t)Transmission Expansion Planning Considering Security Cost under Market EnvironmentDRPT1430 - 1435 06/04/2008OK
PrintedH.Sharifian H.Askarian R.Mohammadi F.Razavi(o)An Efficient Minimum Break-Points Determination Algorithm Using Expert System and Genetic AlgorithmICPS-12/12/2007--NA--
PrintedS.Jalilzadeh H.Hosseinian S.Galvani F.Razavi(o)Induction Motors Behavior Under Non Sinusoidal Voltage Supply Condition and Assessment of its Damages in Iran NetworkICEEA 2007-24/10/2007--NA--
PrintedS.Jalilzadeh H.Hosseinian S.Galvani F.Razavi(o)Voltage Profile Modification Using Genetic Algorithm In Distribution SystemsICEEA 2007-24/10/2007--NA--
PrintedH.Askarian R.Mohammadi F.Razavi(o) M.Khoddami H.TorkamanA New Genetic Algorithm Method for Overcurrent Relays and Fuses CoordinationIEEE Powertech 2007-01/06/2007--NA--
PrintedH.Askarian F.Razavi(o) M.AldabbaghA New Approach for Break Points Determination for Relay Coordination Using Combination of Expert System and Graph TheoryICEE2005 (China)-25/07/2005--NA--
PrintedH.Askarian F.Razavi(o)Break Points Determination for Interconnected Power SystemsICOPEMC 2003-14/09/2004--NA--
PrintedM.Meshkin H.Askarian F.Razavi(o)A New Optimal Neural Network Relays CoordinationICOPEMC 2003-14/09/2004--NA--

Papers for Persian Conferences

PrintedH.Dadgar M.Jannatifar F.Razavi(a)A New Approach to Solving Problems in Mathematics Using ICADomesticized Technology -19/05/2009--NA--
PrintedS.Hashemi H.Askarian R.Mohammadi F.Razavi(t) M.KalbasiOptimal Coordination of Overcurrent and Earth Fault Relays in Relation to Transformer TypeICEE 2009-12/05/ 2009OK
PrintedR.Mohammadi H.Hosseinian H.Askarian F.Razavi(t)Fuse Modeling Using Dynamic EquationsPSPC 2009-13/01/2009OK
PrintedM.Mashayekhi H.Rastegar H.Askarian F.Razavi(t)Impact of Distributed Generation on Overcurrent Relay Coordination in Distribution NetworksPSPC 2009-13/01/2009OK
PrintedH.M. Sohilipour H.Askarian R.Mohammadi F.Razavi(t)Optimal Coordination of Overcurrent Relays in Distribution NetworksPSC 2008-30/11/2008OK
PrintedH.Torkaman E.Afjehei H.Askarian R.Mohammadi F.Razavi(t)The Effect of Sampling Rate on Digital Distance RelaysPSC 2008-30/11/2008OK
PrintedR.Mohammadi H.Askarian F.Razavi(o)Modeling Fuse for Overcurrent and Fuse Coordination in Distribution NetworksEPDC 13th-30/04/ 2008OK
PrintedM.Taheri H.Askarian R.Mohammadi F.Razavi(t) M.RohaniA New Approach to Coordinating Overcurrent Relays in Transient ModePSPACC 2008-07/01/2008OK
PrintedB.Razi H.Askarian R.Mohammadi F.Razavi(t) M.RohaniA New Method for Coordinating Distance RelaysPSPACC 2008-Jan. 2008OK
PrintedN.Moaddabi H.Askarian F.Razavi(t) R.Mohammadi M.RohaniEffect of Power System Stability on Overcurrent Relay CoordinationPSPACC 2008-07/01/2008OK
PrintedS.Torkaman H.Askarian F.Razavi(o) R.MohammadiImpact of UPFC on Distance Relay SettingsPSC 2007-19/11/2007--NA--
PrintedS.Hashemi H.Askarian F.Razavi(o) R.MohammadiCoordinating Overcurrent and Distance Relays Using Genetic AlgorithmPSC 2007-19/11/2007--NA--
PrintedH.Torkaman H.Askarian E.Afjehei R.Mohammadi F.Razavi(o)The Effect of Sampling Rate on Distance RelaysPSPC 2006-20/12/ 2006OK
PrintedR.Mohammadi F.Razavi(o) M.Rohani M.Deilami H.TorkamanA New Approach to Coordinating Overcurrent Relays Using Genetic AlgorithmPSPC 2006-20/12/ 2006OK
PrintedR.Seyyedi S.Lessan A.Sheykholeslami F.Razavi(o)Improvement of Power Quality in Distribution Networks Using GCSCPSC 20061338 134813/11/2006OK
PrintedH.Askarian M.Meshkin F.Razavi(o)Optimal Coordination of Overcurrent Relays Using Expert Systems13th ICEE-10/05/2005--NA--
PrintedH.Rastegar F.Razavi(o)The Design of a Controller for Phase Shifting Transformers in Order to Improve Generator Stability8th ICEE-17/05/2000--NA--