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Industry-Funded Projects Managed

A Study of Adjustable Parameters of Relays of Bakhtar Regional Electric Company and Their Effect on Protection CoordinationTafresh UniversityBakhtar Regional Electrical CompnayIR 350,000,000 (Equal to $35,000)Mar. 2011-NowFinal report, External confirmation, internal confirmation
On the Explosion of the Surge Arrester Installed in a Transmission Line: Causes and SolutionsTafresh UniversityBakhtar Regional Electrical CompnayIR 560,000,000 (Equal to $56,000)Apr. 2009-Jul. 2011OK
Determining Optimum Capacitor for Telecommunications SubstationsTafresh UniversityArak Telecommunications CompanyIR 500,000,000 (Equal to $50,000)Mar. 2009-Jul. 2011OK
Modeling the Factors Affecting Loss Reduction in a Sample NetworkQazvin Islamic Azad UniversityElectrical Distribution Company of Qazvin ProvinceIR 13,5000 (Equal to $13,000)Mar. 2009-Oct. 2011Internal confirmation

University-Funded Projects Managed

An investigation into internal structure of protective relaysTafresh UniversityIR 75,560,000 (Equal to $3,000)Jun. 2012-Now confirmation letter, Final report
Setting the PSB of Distance Relays in Bakhtar Power System NetworkTafresh UniversityIR 70,000,000 (Equal to $5,600)Dec. 2009-Jun. 2011OK

Industry-Funded Projects Contributed to

Title Project ManagerClientWorthDatesDoc
Analysis of Sound Sensors Used in Sonar SystemsDr. GhadimiElectrical Distribution Company of Markazi Province -Jul. 2011-Jul. 2012OK
A Comparison and Reconciliation of Measured Values and Simulation Results for Ashtian Distribution NetworkDr. GhadimiElectrical Distribution Company of Markazi Province IR 165,000,000 (Equal to $16,500)May. 2009-Mar. 2011Letter
Identification of Existing Researchers and Research Facilities in Bakhtar Regional Electrical CompanyDr. GhadimiBakhtar Regional Electrical CompanyIR 400,000,000 (Equal to $40,000)Dec. 2009-Mar 2011OK
Coordination between Overcurrent and Distance Relays in the 400kV and 230kV Networks of TehranDr. AskarianTehran Regional Electrical Company-2004-2007Letter
Designing a Software Application for Power System Analysis Dr. AskarianTehran Regional Electrical Company-2000-2003Letter
Coordination of Distance Relays in the 230kV Network of TehranDr. AskarianTehran Regional Electrical Company-1998-2000Letter
Designing a Software Application for Calculating Per Capita Spending for Student Education Dr. AskarianMinistry of Science, Research, and Technology-1999-2000Letter
Relay Tester Dr. AskarianTehran Regional Electrical Company-1995-1999Letter

Industry-Funded Projects Supervised

Study of Distribution Network Reconfiguration for Loss Reduction and Peak Shaving Methods in Ghazvin Distribution SystemDr. VakilianQazvin Distribution CompanyApr. 2011-Aug. 2012confirmation letter
Recognition of the Reasons for ratio error increasing of CVTs installed in TREC based on fault diagnosis testsDr. SanayepasandTehran Regional Electrical CompanyFeb. 2010-Feb. 2011confirmation letter
Power Quality Assessment of Sample Network of Bakhtar NetworkDr. JalilianBakhtar Regional Electrical CompanyApr. 2009-Jul. 2013confirmation letter
Evaluation of Reliability Indices for Transmission Network of Bargh Bakhter Regional Electrical CompanyDr. GandomkarBakhtar Regional Electrical CompanySep. 2009-May 2012confirmation letter

Industry-Funded Projects Refereed

Assessment of Parallel Processing in Engineering Applicable ModelsDr GhadimiArak UniversitySep. 2013OK
Manufacturing High Impedance RelayDr ShahrtashTehran Regional Electrical CompanyAug. 2011OK
Recognition of Reasons of Ratio Error Increasing of CVTs Installed in TREC Based on Fault Diagnosis TestsDr SanayepasandTehran Regional Electrical CompanyOct. 2009OK
Evaluation of Reliability Indices for Transmission Network of Bargh Bakhter Regional Electrical CompanyDr GandomkarBakhtar Regional Electrical CompanyFeb. 2009OK
A New Method for the Detection of Islanding in Presence of Wind TurbineDr Kazemi KargarShahid Beheshti University2008OK